Why does people choose PVC railing

As homeowners shy away from traditional wood railing and its time-consuming and costly maintenance, PVC railing is quickly becoming the product of choice for its good looks, easy care and long-lasting performance.


PVC railing is a low-maintenance product that gets its name from polyvinyl chloride, a thermoplastic that can be shaped and formed into a variety of products including vinyl railing. The performance benefits of PVC railing are many: it won’t warp, rot, split, peel or corrode; it never needs sanding, staining or painting; it’s lightweight and easy to install; and it requires no harmful chemical treatments that can adversely affect your health or the environment.


Longjie carries a complete line of PVC railing products, Longjie PVC railing systems feature a wide variety of accessories, including posts, caps and trims that coordinate with all railing styles. 


Post time: Aug-25-2020