Shanghai Long Jie Plastics Co., Ltd.

Who We Are & What We Do

Shanghai Longjie Plastics is a professional manufacturer of PVC extrusion products. With more than ten years industry and export experience, we developed our products scope to PVC railing, fencing, vinyl siding, decking, rain gutter, PVC moulding and steel and aluminum railing,etc.Long Jie team will work on the R&D and offer creative solutions for our customers around the world with our best products and services. We are confident that Long Jie will be your good partner and we looking forward to cooperating with you!




Why Choose Us?

Hi-tech manufacturing machine

We have 12 extrusion production lines, daily extrusion capacity is about 30 tons, one pelletizer and three automatic mixing machine. 2 sets of mechanical automatic jigsaw machine, 2 sets of engraving machine, 3 sets of bump machines, 2 sets of automatic shrink packaging line machine, 1 set of cutting machines,


Strong R&D Strength

①management team

We have 5 engineers in our r&d centre. They are professional managers who are all compound talents with many years of social and work experience. They are engaged in business management, marketing planning, marketing, international trade, product development, and other majors. They are familiar with the management modes of various economic systems .

Common characteristics of management team members:

Educational background: College degree or above, strong enterprising,

Work experience: Many years of social experience and work experience, have extraordinary performance in the professional field and extraordinary innovation ability.

Interpersonal relationship: Have strong enthusiasm and affinity for interpersonal relationship.

Professional quality: Integrity, follow the company’s standards purpose, abide by national laws and social ethics.


②team core member:

Liu lei: Technical director of the company

            Director of company development and design

Strict Quality Control

1 professional ipqc with proficient business skills in extrusion section and packaging;

2 we have a complete system to make sure to manufacture high quality product;

3 we provide encouragement for the workers according their work performance;

5 we have a complete product quality inspection system, 2 hours of comprehensive inspection and irregular inspections, prompt feedback when problems are found, and follow up the resolution process until the problem is completely resolved, and write abnormal reports for real-time quality training aggregate data;

6 we have regular training of quality personnel to improve our stuff’s professional skills and ethical qualities, to encourage them to make sure everything they did is meeting standards  

7 we use multiple ways to test the quality of the product.

    1.) physical inspection methods, we have advanced cantilever beam testing machines, falling ball testing machines, rockwell hardness testers, tensile machines, etc.;

    2.) chemical inspection methods, constant temperature oven, aging tester, whiteness meter;

    3.) biological inspection methods. We regularly entrusts our products to be tested by a qualified third-party testing agency with a test report; it also requires the supplier to have a material test report attached to it;

    4.) product type experiment method, routine experiment, sampling experiment, etc.;

    5.) sensory inspection methods, the quality-testing team members are old hands who has been working for the company for many years, they have strong ability to distinguish our product quality problems; in sampling, samples that reflect product characteristics can be captured very accurately for scientific purposes inspection.


Falling ball tester


Rockwell apparatus


Whiteness meter


Cantilever impact testing machine


Standard color light box


Constant temperature oven

Production Capacity Display

Our extrusion machines are all purchased form jinwei machinery co., ltd., the vice chairman of the domestic plastic machinery industry association in china. We have twelve 65-type extrusion machines and six 45-type auxiliary machines, and each production line has a daily production capacity of 3 tons of pvc mixtures. The throughput of the back-end assembly and packaging section is highly mechanized, with  40 skilled operators, which can completely consume the front-end extrusion capacity; guarantee the daily production capacity of 30 tons of products.

About quality control:

Overall factory display:


Factory job display:


Factory packaging job display:


Technical Strength And Design And r&d Capabilities

Since its establishment, we have always adhered to the scientific development concept, taking technology research and development and personnel training as our development goals. We have a dedicated r&d department, relying on the technical support from the shanghai headquarters, and has rich experience and innovative technical r&d personnel. We attaches great importance to the research and development of new products or new processes, invests in a large amount of research and development every year, has achieved excellent results, and has applied for a number of patents.


In product research and development, we strengthen exchanges and cooperation with domestic research institutes in accordance with technological development and market demand. Transform scientific research results into productivity through technology introduction and cooperative development, and create benefits for enterprises. At present, we have developed various types of fences and guardrails suitable for many fields, including gardens, indoor protection, courtyards, parks, horse farms and other types of units, so that the products are fully sold to europe, the united states, australia, new zealand and southeast asia. Ground.

We have established a long-term cooperative research and development relationship with anhui conch group, and conducted in-depth research and development on the physical and chemical properties of outdoor profile formulations, and achieved good results. And in the promotion and use in the market, the customer is very satisfied and has been unanimously recognized by the customer.


Company r&d Management Procedures

1) after receiving the r&d instruction, the technical department organizes the design and development team, determines the design leader, formulates the r&d design plan, and prepares the "Design and development plan"

2) the person in charge of design determines the content of various technical interfaces according to the design plan and the characteristics and requirements of the product, communicates the technical interfaces to all designers, and compiles the "Design and development input list".

3) the designer designs the product scheme according to the design input. The technical director convened the relevant personnel of we to carry out plan demonstration. After the plan is passed, the person in charge of design carries out technical design according to the approved plan, including drawings and processes, and organizes relevant personnel to review the design, make records, and prepare the "Design and development review report".

4) the designer conducts test verification on the product based on the review result, and prepares the "Design and development verification report"

5) after the product type test is qualified, the designer will draw the product processing drawing and manufacturing process instruction, the design leader will review, and the technical director will issue it after approval, and prepare the "Design and development output list".

6) after the product technical documents are issued, the business department places an order for samples, and the production department makes samples according to the technical documents; designers analyze and demonstrate the samples and make trial production summary reports.

7) after successful sample trial production, small batch trial production will be carried out. The person in charge of design confirms product performance and technical indicators through product technical performance test and user feedback, and prepares "Design and development confirmation report".

8) after the design is completed, the person in charge of design always pays attention to the use of new products and continuously improves new products.


Company Culture


Establish a "Customer-centric" Corporate culture. The six elements of corporate culture: Cost, quality, service; objectives, process, and assessment. Technological innovation and management innovation run through the entire process of corporate culture construction.

Corporate strategy:

Facing the new situation and new opportunities, suzhou langjian put forward the strategic idea of ​​"Century enterprise, centennial innovation, centennial brand".

1) the internationalization strategy has changed from an experienced chinese private enterprise to a modern enterprise with international brands and professional production and operation capabilities

2) market penetration strategy-adjust the target market positioning.

3) product development strategy-develop high-quality products

Company CultureCustomer Group Photo


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